All About Us

Our Vision

Cleva Chiropractic is driven to inspire individuals within our community to lead more active lives by simplifying the journey to better Health. We actively engage with our community, fostering a welcoming and approachable atmosphere with every
visit. Our goal is to empower individuals, making health and well-being enjoyable and available to all.

Our Values

Family- Family Comes First, We Are Family

At Cleva Chiropractic, we prioritise family values, putting your well-being first and fostering a warm and caring environment where everyone is treated like family.

Community- Community Is Our Foundation

We proudly stand as a cornerstone of our community, dedicated to fostering wellness and serving as the trusted name synonymous with chiropractic and overall health.

Team- Our Willingness to Grow And Thrive Together

Our dedicated team exemplifies a culture of collaborative growth, embodying a shared commitment to thrive together in delivering exceptional care and well-being to our community.

Positive Vibes- Be Exciting And Different

Discover the transformative power of Cleva Chiropractic, where positive vibes meet personalised care, creating an exhilarating journey to wellness that's as unique as you are!

Our Team

Brody Cleave

Meet Brody Cleave, our dedicated chiropractor who's fueled by a boundless passion for helping people regain pain-free mobility, ultimately allowing them to relish their favourite activities.

Brody's unique approach to chiropractic care is rooted in the belief that a deep, personal connection with each patient is key to understanding their distinct health needs and goals. He devotes time and attention to ensure that every individual's wellness journey is tailor-made. Beyond the clinic, Brody's zest for life extends to his love of sports, quality time spent with friends and family, and the simple pleasures of beach days, barbecues, and a refreshing cold beer.

Regularly engaging in CrossFit and participating in various sports, Brody embodies a commitment to holistic health and stands ready to help others excel in any health activity they choose to pursue. Join Brody on a path to better health and well-being, where your goals are his goals, and your success is his success.

Adrian Kamariera

Meet Adrian, Our Passionate Chiropractor!

With years of experience, Adrian's passion lies in helping you bounce back stronger and faster. Adrian's devotion to your well-being extends from his professional life to his love for family including his supportive wife, Lisa, and their energetic kids, Hugo and Gus! Balancing a passion for chiropractic care with his personal interests, Adrian unwinds by hitting the CrossFit box and enjoying quality time fishing.

Ready to experience Adrian's expertise? Book an appointment and get ready to embrace wellbeing with a touch of personal care!

Luke Merwood

Welcome to the world of optimal well-being with Luke Merwood, your Ahuriri and Waipukurau chiropractor and Hawke's Bay native. Born and bred in this vibrant community, Luke is passionate about bringing his love for sports and the outdoors into his practice to help you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

As a true sports enthusiast, Luke understands the importance of staying active and enjoying the outdoors. Whether he's on the tennis court, kicking a footy, or hitting the gym, he embraces the vitality that comes with an active life.

After venturing beyond the bay, Luke is thrilled to be back in Hawke's Bay, doing what he loves most—supporting the community in their pursuit of well-being. His mission is to help you move better, feel better, and live a life full of vitality.

Join Luke in his commitment to promoting health, activity, and community engagement. Discover the benefits of chiropractic care tailored to your active lifestyle, and let Luke guide you on a journey towards optimal health.

Troy Cleave
Practice Manager

Troy Cleave, our dedicated Practice Manager, is your compass to ensure that every visit to Cleva Chiropractic is not just about treatment but an unforgettable experience.

With a deep commitment to creating the best possible journey for every client, Troy is relentless in his pursuit of helping you achieve your optimal health outcomes. He believes that a positive experience is paramount in fostering well-being, and he's here to make sure you receive nothing less.Outside of the practice, Troy's love for an active and vibrant life is evident. His devotion to CrossFit keeps him in top shape, and he enjoys the thrill of running and participating in sports, including football. Troy finds solace in the simplicity of a charcoal BBQ and a well-deserved beer, where he can relax and unwind. He's a true community enthusiast, actively engaging with his local neighborhood and giving back as part of the Big Brother Big Sister program.

When you embark on your journey with us, Troy will be your steadfast ally, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed your health and wellness goals.

Kerry Polchies
Practice Assistant

Meet Kerry, the heart and soul of Cleva Chiropractic's Central Hawkes Bay clinic! As your dedicated practice assistant, Kerry is your friendly face, here to ensure your visit is as comfortable and welcoming as the country breeze. A true aficionado of the rural life, Kerry embodies the spirit of Central Hawkes Bay, cherishing every moment surrounded by its natural beauty.With a passion for the great outdoors, Kerry finds joy in leisurely walks with her dogs, making her a kindred spirit to all those who appreciate the tranquility and simplicity of countryside living.Next time you visit our clinic, be sure to say hello to Kerry! She's eager to make your experience at Cleva Chiropractic a positively memorable one, guiding you along the path to a healthier and happier you.

Sarah Peters
Practice Assistant

Meet our dedicated Practice Assistant, Sarah Peters, who brings a unique blend of passion and skills to our team. With a background as a former teacher, Sarah discovered her love for working with children. However, driven by a desire for a new journey focused on holistic well-being, she decided to transition into the field of chiropractic care.

Sarah is not only committed to assisting our clients in their wellness journey but is also keen on developing her marketing and graphic design skills to enhance the overall experience at Cleva Chiropractic. Her creative touch and attention to detail shine through in the materials she designs to keep our community informed and engaged.

On her days off, Sarah enjoys quality time with her partner, Bernard. They share a love for disc golf, often exploring new courses and enjoying the outdoors together. Sarah's vibrant energy and dedication to personal and professional growth make her a valuable asset to our team, and we're thrilled to have her contribute to the positive atmosphere here at Cleva Chiropractic

Hayley Fulton
Practice Assistant

Hey there, Cleva Community! We're thrilled to welcome Hayley to the Cleva Chiropractic family, and she's ready to bring her sparkle to our Taradale clinic. After taking some time off to embrace the joys of motherhood with her adorable bundle of joy, Frankie, Hayley is back in action and over the moon to dive into the dynamic world of Cleva Chiropractic.

Now that little Frankie is spreading those baby giggles, Hayley is on a mission to enhance the Cleva experience for our amazing community. When she's not crafting unforgettable moments at the clinic, you'll find Hayley hanging out with friends, breaking a sweat at Bay Empowered's fabulous mums and bubs fitness classes, and unleashing her creativity in handmade crafts. Let's give Hayley a warm Cleva welcome as she adds her unique touch to our journey of wellness and community connection. Drop by Taradale and say hello – because the best experiences are the ones we create together!

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